The Draft

Happy August everyone! I am so glad we are out of July. One month closer to Fall, which is such good news.This weekend was just normal. We did the usual cleaning and lounging around. I’m so sure you are tired of hearing about my event-less weekends. Saturday we watched The Other Woman. I loved it. It was pretty funny. Also, I prefaced movie night with Charlies Angels 1 & 2 so Saturday was a pretty great day.

Sunday, however, was stressful. We had our friends over for draft day. I have been so nervous for the last week because I didn’t know if I was going to come out with a decent team or not. Fast forward to the actual draft and I was legitimately about to have a panic attack.

Fun fact about Ashley: I cease to function when too much is going on around me, or if I feel like I am under a lot of pressure. Literally, my brain refuses to form thoughts when I am overwhelmed and I don’t know if you are aware, but you need your thoughts when you are drafting a team for fantasy football. Especially if you don’t want to embarrass your husband.

Speaking of him, he laughed at me the entire time. Literally the. whole. time. So, thanks for that, Jake.

On to the fun stuff…

When we started drafting, I was still pretty panicked. I got 7th pick, and it worked out okay. I think I made one really stupid decision by grabbing my kicker too early. I knew I shouldn’t grab him too early in the draft, but I did it anyway because….brain on the fritz.

All in all though, I am happy with my team. I did my research and prepared the best I knew how and took it seriously. I know Jake was happy with that and told me my team was solid. Wanna see?

My next challenge is that roughly 100,000 teams have their bye in week 4. So I am going to have to figure that out.  Also, my week 1 is going to be interesting. I play my brother in law, who has Manning as his QB. I wanted Drew Brees but have Andrew Luck instead. I am not too upset by this though. I believe he will do good things this year and I’m glad to have at least one Colts player on my team. and the Manning/Luck games are fun to watch!

How was your weekend? Are you excited for football season?

Also, don’t forget! Our new Harry Potter link up is going live this Friday, the 8th! Come link up and talk about Harry Potter Tats!


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    It looks pretty good to me. Too bad you didn’t get the Steelers defense, though!

    I already have my post written and scheduled for the HP link-up this week. Can we say, “Excited!”?

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