Okay, so I know I have totally neglected this here blog. I am tired. (yeah i know you are tired of hearing it…new baby…four year old…husband…blah blah blah) But I am making an effort…and I need to get this out somewhere safe so that it is no longer hanging out in my brain.

There is a certain panic that comes over me when I realize I am stressed.

In our family, I am usually the one that can put a positive spin on things when they get rough. I can take a terrible situation and make it less daunting and life ending.

When I feel like I am no longer in control, and my stress takes over I have no idea how to handle it.

We are moving in a couple months. I have wanted this move for over a year. We have outgrown our current house and need more space desperately. Since Piper has been here, I feel like we are all stepping on each other all the time. I. want. this. move. BAD.

But tonight I sat and realized that I am stressed, and my first reaction is to call the whole thing off. (It is probably good Jake and I went for the courthouse wedding….haha)

So, while I really want this bigger house and I want to enjoy the process of starting this new chapter with Jake and the girls….I am change-blocking myself. Does this happen to anyone else? Please say yes.

Until next time….


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    ugh, I totally feel you on the blogging thing. I blogged for the first time today in months. Blah!

    yay on the move! and YES! Im the same. Hope you’re able to enjoy every little change in the process!!!!!

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    I think that it’s perfectly normal to want something but to be stressed about it. Moving can be very difficult and stressful. Even though it’s something you want and need, there’s a lot that goes into it. Once the time comes and it’s all over and done with, you’ll be much happier. :)

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