So if you follow me on instagram you may have noticed that I started “hiding veggies” from Addie to get her to eat them.

We have moved into the picky stage. She will not eat anything veggie related because it “tastes yucky”. So when I started making smoothies for myself, I decided to get her on the wagon. Slowly and sneakily.

At first I just blended fruit and low-fat greek yogurt into her smoothies. But I was carrying around a green one. She is all about the different colors you can make. So after a few days of purple, she wanted green. I told her- that means we have to add salad to it. (she calls the greens we use, salad)

She started taking sips of mine and after a day, she wanted her own.

So now, I have her drinking (for breakfast or lunch) a smoothie with half the fruit and yogurt as usual, and spinach + kale.

I feel like I should have thought of this a few years ago, but back then she would eat anything. I am just so glad we have found a way to get those veggies in her without a fight. Plus, she loves to help put everything in the blender!

I am not the type of person who does fad diets etc. I like my food, but I also like being healthy. This is a good step toward a healthier lifestyle for us. Sometimes it is difficult to keep things healthy with the schedule we keep. But I am also starting to cook every night. (this is a huge accomplishment. I hate to cook) and you will be hearing more about that soon as I get posts together.

How do you get your kiddos to eat healthy?


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    Kids?? I have to hide veggies from myself sometimes! Haha :) I think smoothies are a GREAT way to Addie to eat her veggies! Of they’re yummy, and she’s getting the nutrition she needs, you’ve hot a winner!

    I’m so proud to hear that you’re cooking more! I know you don’t like it, but I do still take a little credit for inspiring you to get in the kitchen! 😉

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